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In my experience, there are only two or three things that truly create a hostile relationship and contention within a family during an estate administration process. What can lead to litigation in many instances is when one beneficiary feels they are entitled to more, or something different, than the other beneficiaries, even though the estate plan may make no distinction whatsoever. Perhaps a child stayed close to home and was the primary care provider for a parent while the siblings were elsewhere.

Another reason is just pure greed, where there may be some malfeasance on the part of someone to obtain a will that the creator of the will didn’t express their true intentions within. Perhaps they were unduly influenced to sign a document or lacked the capacity to knowingly sign a document, like a will or a trust.

Another reason, people get into a bitter relationship surrounding the probate process when they don’t like each other. That’s probably the route of most probate disputes, family members seeking vengeance for ancient family disputes.

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